242 Walking street: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This proposal for the municipality was to create a greener more healthy capital city that promotes outdoor activities and less reliance on the car. 242 walking street calls for prioritizing pedestrians on one of Phnom Penhs greenest streets linking parks, creating more green space and recreational space and supporting cafes and small businesses at the same time.


We simply stopped two way traffic, and moved the new one way service road to one side. we resurfaced the road in engineering bricks and installed street furniture and lighting which softened the edges of the street scape. The wider pavements (sidewalks) allow for cafe's to spill out into the street and we have created additional sun shading to compliment the existing tree canopies.


The raised junction box and change in road surfacing will prioritize pedestrians and make drivers slow down as they drive down road #19.




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