Factory 4: Co-working/ Event space


Factory 4 is a renovation of an old garment production and warehouse facility in Phnom Penh. The client wanted the inspiration for the renovation to come from the movies of Wes Anderson, A real space with overlapping office and meeting spaces but using playful elements and colour to give the whole space an added dynamic setting it apart from traditional office and work environments. We took this concept and divided the area in half creating a symmetrical space characterized by a rolling landscape of boxes which gives a nod to the warehouses history and the other half is made up of a diorama style office space that is arranged like a life size dolls house.

We further play with the space by bringing the outside, in, and flipping the inside, outside with the conversion of the alley way that runs between the building and the boundary in to a street of restaurants and bars. We contribute further to this effect by taking the roof off the existing building in parts and planting trees into our box hills. Factory 4 is part of the Factory Phnom Penh project a unique redevelopment from Urban Living Solutions.