Friends Future Factory: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Friends Future Factory is an exciting new concept in Co-living and seeks to create a new pulic space in the grounds around it. This town square is surrounded by 3 renovation projects Building A: Transforms a medical space into a cafe and training school for hospitality, Building B: Will see the removal of a gable wall to insert a small street that will be filled with food trucks top create a dynamic new street food market. Building C: Is the largest space an old bicycle factory believed to have been designed by Eifel. Here we will insert a new concrete slab to create a first floor that will support new social enterprises. The ground floor will become a market place with everything on offer from hairdressing and nails to designer clothes and upcycled goods.


We will wrap the upper floor in perferated mesh which will allow the building to reflect heat during the hot morning hours and then be opened at midday to allow greater airflow. The pods for coworking can be bolted together to allow residents to expand their businesses when they need to. The market place downsatirs allows for testing of products in a commercial setting. The aim of the project is to incubate small businesses from the communities that Friends support...


Cambodia has very little public space and this provides a chance to show how much value both open spae and green space can give to local residensts and visitors alike. We hope that we can show that this is not only a social benefit to a city but it can also be a economic decision when shopowners and businesses can benefit too.




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