Lantern camp: Nam Et Plu Luey, Laos


Lantern Camp is a design for a low impact community led eco tourism project for WCS Laos The challenge was to design and build a camp in a location that could only be accessed by a 2 hour hike through the jungle. The clearing was also heavly forrested and we did not want to negitivley impact the tree root systems so we quickly ruled out concrete. It was when we started thinking about tree houses that we found the best way may be to suspend the camp from the trees. This would allow us to chnage the trees that were supporting the camp so as not to strnagle the trees over time.


The result is a globe shaped camp that was influenced by the traditional weaving found in the local village.where possible we used bamboo and rattan to create the sides, sleeping and storage, platforms...

After a few prototypes we realised that a modular steel frame that could be assembled on site would be the best way to go. The units were fabricated by political prisoners which gave the chance for the project to benefit them and their families.



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