Cantilever Playground: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Our brief was to create unique play sapce and one that captured the spirit of the Factroy project in Phnom Penh it was going to be as much a playground for adults as it was for children. We straightaway wanted to do two things, 1. Create something industrial and 2. add a change to the topography. (The word 'Phnom' means hill or mountain in Khmer and is slightly ironic as the capital city is almost entirely flat.) As children we are told to stay away from building sites but are drawn to the oversized elements and large machines. We wanted to create a "safe" version of this hanging a large structure off the side of a hill cantilevering it 8m out into the space.


The box contains swings, pull up bars, cargo nets and a wide slide. The gardens have balance beams, stepping stones and additional swing bars intergrated into the landscape.


At night we wanted the space to transform into a lightbox that could be used to advertise events and exhibitions.




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