Seed House: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Seed house is a way of housing in medium density scenario that moves away from midium rise housing to giving people smaller plots that are in a tighter urban grain. The project was a study into how we could provide a different solution to slum upgrading that would not rely on a street network domanited by vehicular traffic, the result is a modular, self-sufficient housing proposal for incremental, onsite upgrading of informal settlements and areas in need of disaster resilience and higher household density...


Benefits inc. - Meet needs today / Build time is faster - Allow neighbourhoods to evolve - Flexible for individual, community and city - Encourages decisions at a home owner level (non paternalistic.) - Inspire ongoing investment in home and community - Provide longer term solutions to meet future needs - Can be done simply in partnership with communities and adapted/ personalized to create more sense of ownership - Create opportunities for equity appreciation beyond natural property inflation


Basic single story units allow for development of the upper floor as funds become available.




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