Skateistan: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Construction of a new office, Skatepark, and public park for the Cambodian brach of Skateistan,a charity focused on bringing opportunities for play to lives of marginalized chidlren around the globe. The project is essentially a renovation project but rather than confomring to the existing building we wanted to create a bold new additional which balances on the side on the existing in more than a nod to the sport of skateboarding which is viewed by some as non-conforming and sometimes at odds with the environmemnts where it is practiced. We wanted to create a building which both complimented the industrial aesthetic and created bold new staement which would become a key land mark and represent skateistans values and be a playful location for local children to take ownership of.


The warehouse shell that needed reroofing and gave us the idea of reusing the old roof sheets to create a double skin that could shade the facade from the strong sun and provide a low cost playful form that would add to the identity of the park.


At night we wanted the space to transform into a lightbox that could be used to advertise events and exhibitions.




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