Zizzy: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


ZIZZY is a new hostel and restaurant in Phnom Penh, We were given the brief that we had to look at ways to stand out in the street and that this was a new brand which they wanted to use in other cities over the next year or two. We also had a challenge to make the narrow interior feel larger. The first thing was to reduce the colour scheme and look at a way of transforming the old tired facade and something which could drive a stong brand identity. We wanted to create a sculptural element that would cast shadows and change as people passed by, so we overlayed a 3 dimensional trelis. on a paired back facade. To this frame we used LED lighting to highlight different geometric parts and signage both on the top of the bulding and the balconies.


Inside we used uplighting and the same strong geometirc forms to divide the spaces and floors.


The ZIZZY projct gave us a chance to design the furniture along with the interior taking the geometric concept from the outside throughto the inside.




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